Why build shiny new websites?
To clearly share your message with the public, a website is invaluable as its custom look will convey more information to the readers than an advert in another medium, such as a newspaper, could. You can choose your own colour scheme, have as many pages and pictures as you wish, and share whatever information you choose.

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We build websites to match all devices

A shiny new website needs:

  • A name registered to it that no one else can use, along with a paid license for this name (also called a domain). Such a license is renewable every year.
  • Your website must be built on a ”platform” with a company which owns space on the internet, such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Afrihost etc.
  • Your website must be hosted with a company which owns space on the internet, such as Wix, Weebly, Afrihost, Bluehost etc. you will be charged hosting fees every month.
  • Someone who knows computer language to build your website in computer language, or an existing suitable template to use as the framework for your website
  • A sitemap in computer language for search engines to read, showing the names of your website pages (URLs).
  • Anti-spam and anti-hacking services
  • Back-up service
  • The titles of your pages should be search-engine friendly plus showcase your message
  • Pictures use a lot of “space” on the internet. Each picture should be resized to suit your gallery and labelled corrected before they are loaded to your website.
  • Once loaded to your website, all photos need tags and metatags for search engines to read them efficiently.
  • Websites should be user-friendly on all devices such as computer, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Websites should be verified with at least two major search engines to enable all the relevant page titles in your website to be shown to readers during their searches.

Search Engine Validation

In order for your website to be alive on the internet, it does not need to be validated with search engines. However, if you validate your website with search engines, they will read your sitemaps.

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Be found on the internet!

Such reading allows for better ranking of your website on pages when clients search for services on the internet as, not only is the name of your website displayed, but also the different titles of your pages. Therefore, a page within a website such as www.ithalaprojects.com – such as Plumbing by Ithala Projects in Durban- will be shown when a client searches for “plumbers in Durban”, rather than just a website name.

Domain registration and hosting with EyeSPy.biz

We prefer to register the name of your website with the same company that we use to host your website. This prevents future obstructions.

Registration of the name, or “Domain” as it is generally referred to, costs according to the type of domain chosen. There are options such as .co.za; .org.; .com; .int etc. We suggest using .com as it is the most popular and easily recognised by search engines. The more a word is repeated on the internet, the easier search engines find it because Com has been repeated more often than any other handle.

We use an experienced and reputable international hosting company, which has great back-up service and allows you far greater freedom in adding free features to your site, especially where direct sales of your products to the public is concerned.

Personalised Email address

The hosting company we use offers a free personalised email address box to our clients. You may choose up to 5 email addresses for your box, eg. info@yourdomain.com

We can arrange for messages to your personalized domain email box to be forwarded to your favourite alternative email address

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Our website building service

Our website building service proves that we care about your success. We will give you more than the points we laid out earlier on what a shiny new website needs for it to function professionally and cost effectively, including:

  • A reader can find your website with or without adding www to your website name;
  • Two sitemaps: one for search engines, and another for readers to find what they are looking for in your website;
  • Online contact forms which readers can fill in immediately to send a message directly to you;
  • One or more menus on your site pages to enable readers to skip to different pages in your website;
  • If necessary, short summaries of your most important pages on your front page to entice readers to enter your site;
  • Direct duplication of posts or pages from your website to other social websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. This saves you from duplicating page by page onto those sites manually. Therefore, any page you write in your website should automatically be duplicated into these other websites;
  • Activity records which show how many times every page in your site has been clicked on, and how many visitors your site has daily, weekly and monthly;
  • Search engine validation with three of the most popular search engines;
  • Picture compression;
  • We add a search engine optimization to your website to ensure it is search engine friendly;
  • Programs to search and remove dead links to and from your website;
  • A full report on what we have created for you;
  • We give you admin duties on your website to enable you to make any changes yourself, should the need for this arise in the future.

NOTE: All these services mentioned come at no extra costs to you!

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Our fees for building your website


Depending on what you needs are, you choose how many pages your website needs. We suggest a page for every service you offer.

Here are a few options to choose from:

ONE PAGE website: R1000 (about $100) which carries up to 5 pictures + 1 email address

FIVE PAGE website: R1500 which carries up to 15 pictures + 3 email addresses

TEN PAGE website: R2000 which carries up to 25 pictures + 5 email addresses

As a norm, the domain license and hosting fee we organize on your behalf is R500 per year. Once your website is built the only recurring fees you have is this annual domain license and hosting fee. Maintenance on your website is suggested, but optional.

Should you require more pages, pictures or services noted above, we will work out a custom plan for you.

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