Leonard, health and fitness coach, Yoga and Pilates instructor

Your body, the best vehicle you'll ever own!

Leonard, health and fitness coach, will stand by you as you attain the health and body you desire.

Fitness classes on the South Coast KZN


Keep your body in the best condition with regular exercise.

Find encouragement and guidance from Leonard, who stands with you every step of the way.

He offers stretch classes, Yoga and Pilates classes as well as regular fitness classes.

Health coach


Fitness and health go together – one is not possible without the other.

Leonard will provide you with a do-able eating plan which suits your way of life, while providing you with the understanding you need on the reasons why certain foods are more desirable for your health than others.

The best supplements for flushing your lymph system and liver, if necessary, will be introduced to you.

Keep track of your health and fitness progress.


Leonard will assist you in keeping track of your health and fitness progress on a regular basis to know what your rate of improvement is, what to expect, and how to get the fastest results.

Affordable health care.


Invest in your health now – be it with time, energy or money, and save on all of those as you enter your future with the confidence of a healthy mind, body and soul.

Leonard’s rates are comparatively very affordable as his interest is focused on your well-being.

Contact Leonard by Whatsapp / call on 082 614 0898


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Violet Road 4
Port Shepstone 4230 KZN ZA
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