Debt Help Services for Financial Relief

Debt Help Services will help you to take control of your finances in a manner which is comfortable for you!

We assess your situation and assist you in making an informed decision to protect what is yours.  We NEVER CHARGE for advice.  There are no surprises, you will ALWAYS KNOW exactly what follows next.


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Get debt free


Our team will reach out to you in the way that makes you most comfortable:  a phone call / WhatsApp or even email.  You matter!  


Taking control of your finances is often overwhelming.  Finding someone willing to listen and give you sound and transparent advice to serve your best interests is very difficult.

Rest assured:  Our primary purpose is to help people! 

We realize that there is no one- fit solution for everyone.  We understand that life happens and changes everything as we know it.  Retrenchment, cost of living, divorce or any other change of circumstance has a huge impact on your household income and the ability to pay your debt.


We will ask you a few questions to establish the severity of your situation. We will assess the facts.  Based on the outcome we will make recommendations on solutions that can be implemented to address your unique financial situation.  


Consolidating your debt into one instalment that you can afford can happen in many ways depending on your unique situation.


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Debt help Services reconciliate your debt

Debt Mediation:

This is a less formal way (no court order/no flag on your credit record) to renegotiate a new term and a consolidated instalment towards all your debt.  A third party will negotiate on your behalf.

Debt Counselling:

This is a formal, legal process where your cost of living is ten into consideration in order to establish your affordability towards your debt.

The Debt Counsellor is able to negotiate an instalment that you can afford and to fight for a better interest rate, which over the long run can save you money.

A court order will be granted once all the parties come to an agreement and your assets will remain protected from legal action/repossession as long as you continue to pay your monthly instalment.

Voluntary Sequestration:

If you have reached a point where all your accounts are so far behind that legal action has commenced and you have lost total control over the ability to remedy the situation with any other avenue, this is a solution that could offer you a clean slate.


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We help you to get a clean financial slate!

Debt review clearance: (Form 19 / Clearance Certificate)

If you have reached the point where ALL OF YOUR DEBTS are settled or you only have your bond outstanding, we can assist in removing the debt review flag.

Raising Prescription to write off old debt:

If you have debt that has not been paid for three years, no summons was received for the same three years and you have not made any payment arrangements in the same three years you can raise prescription with the credit provider.  The onus is on him to prove you wrong or the debt must be written off.


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