We at EyeSpy.biz are very industrious at making our site work for us, and for you!

We use the best tools to boost your online adverts to such an extent that your business should flow quite naturally to the surface of search engine rankings without you having to pay monthly advertising costs to stay up there. EyeSpy.biz keeps your advert stable on the net, for longer you remain “in the loop”, the stronger your online presence becomes.

Stay ahead of the pack!
stay ahead of the pack in advertising online with eyespy.biz


We want to keep our clients satisfied, and often review our work to improve our service and maintain high results.



If you already have a business website that is great! We back-link your page with us to your website as well as any other online website which mentions your name.

As all information is stored in a “cloud”, when a search engine send out a magnetic call for a word, such as “signwriter”, all phrases which contain the word “signwriter” within the cloud send out links to this call. The more often your name gets mentioned, the stronger your link becomes, and it is the strongest links that get heard first and placed on top of the search page.

Computer, desktop and mobile phone showing same page
We build websites to match all devices

Eyespy.biz is geared to give unknown business online presence, and to strengthen online presence of well-known business.


What makes us unique is the quality of our work. As an example we mention Merlo hardware, a family owned building hardware store situated in Sea Park, which is a very small coastal town outside Port Shepstone, on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Port Shepstone Electrical and Building Suppliers
Merlo Hardware & Electrical Suppliers, Sea Park, Port Shepstone

Before we advertised this, this store nowhere to be seen on the internet. They don’t even have a website! Now, should a client Google the words “Merlo Hardware, Port Shepstone” or even “building hardware Port Shepstone”, Merlo appears fairly high up in the ranking on the Google page.

Such high ranking does not happen by accident….and this is exactly where our strength lies.


We add your business, including photos, to Google Maps and update existing info.

What your advert in EyeSpy.biz will look like

Each business advert with us is featured in its own page, which serves as a “mini” website in EyeSpy.biz.

Each page offers a full description of your business service and products, photo gallery, direct contact details, directional map and information sharing buttons. A comment section for client reviews is optional.

Listing example


Clients do not need to know Eyespy.biz to find you online, they merely need to go on the internet, type the service they need and the area in which they need this service to find

Premium Listing
Showcasing your business on the world map

you. The title of your listing with us will appear in the search along with a link to EyeSpy.biz below the title. A simple click on this title will take the client to your page.

An internet search for any of the businesses featured in EyeSpy.biz will give a clearer picture.

Featured listings here




We have gone to great lengths to find the best way for your business to be found by clients who might not be familiar with your business name. We indulge greatly in using word specific tags and meta-tags to drag important information from the information entered in our listings.

Distance is no problem when it comes to advertising your business online with EyeSpy.biz as it is an international business directory
Distance is no problem!


Listing your business advert on EyeSpy.biz can be done by yourself directly onto the site



or email to us the information you want to be found by the public and we will list for you at no extra cost.

Contact us


Once such a listing is live, and you are satisfied with the way it looks, we will invoice you for payment via Payfast which offers EFT, Debit and Credit card payments in South Africa.


Your advertisement with us remains live on the internet for a year and the fee is R750 / ABOUT $70 (we do not charge V.A.T). Renewal is optional.

Terms & Conditions

Please adhere to the terms & Conditions of EyeSpy.biz to keep us legal.

Terms & Conditions

Earn extra cash with our Affiliate program!

Affiliates earn referral fees for listing business in the EyeSpy.biz online business directory
Be our Affilliate and get paid Referral fees

Tell your friends about us and earn a referral bonus… Join our Affiliate program, its free!


Ready to reach all the people who matter most to your business?


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